HELIODOR (HELIO) is the new masternode coin, which generates its MN Rewards mainly from real earnings.

It will generated in Q2 2021 by a fork of the successful SAPPHIRE coin (SAPP).

Every owner of SAPP coins automatically receives HELIO Coins through the fork for free. HELIODOR will become the base coin of the HELIOBANK. The masternode coin finances its rewards primarily through fees. That means the coin itself already has a business case.


HELIOBANK will prove that banking services are also possible without a traditional bank.

HELIOBANK will offer services like crypto currency exchanges, over-the-counter (OTC) brokerage, secure online wallets, crypto currency payment interfaces and much more in a transparent way for everyone.

In this way, HELIOBANK wants to give people and the private sector back some of the control over the financial sector.


SAPPHIRE (SAPP) is a masternode coin, which has proven itself on the crypto market for almost a year. It is a coin that offers partners new opportunities to earn rewards and convert them into real goods and services.

Since the takeover by the new development team, SAPPHIRE has shown an amazing performance with its strong community. The new development team is constantly improving the code and offering new services such as SAPPSHOPPING.

The HELIODOR Coin (HELIO) will complement and strengthen SAPPHIRE just like the KYANITE Coin (KYAN). The two new Coins are created by a fork from SAPPHIRE and are immediately listed on the own exchange and exchangeable from the beginning.


An interesting way to earn revenue by providing technology is by providing a Masternode that runs on a proof-of-stake (PoS) base.

First and foremost, a Masternode, like any other full node, is a node server within a network. Full nodes are important because they process transactions and store them in the blockchain.

In addition, however, a Masternode operator has tasks and rights that a normal full node operater does not have. For this gets the operator high rewards.

In order to obtain the status of a Masternode, the Masternode operator must deposit a corresponding number of coins. For this and for the performance of the tasks and the provision of computing power and storage space, they  will receive rewards based on the corresponding Coins (Proof-of-Stake).

However, to be a Masternode operator, you first need to deposit some coins to the network as per the minimum threshold. Heliobank masternodes will receive 65% of each block reward.